Friday, June 7

A Coming of Age

Reading Torah
You begin the process of studying and preparing and you know it is years in the making – but you forge ahead.  It’s what you are supposed to do.  Sure, you complain a little here and there but ultimately you know it’s important.  Why?  Because your parents expect you to do so – Because your whole family has done this – Because you’ve promised your rabbi your commitment – and then, somewhere along the way…

Because it truly means something to YOU.

I’m not sure we will ever find all the words to express just how proud we are of our son’s accomplishments in becoming a Bar Mitzvah this year.  It showed dedication, strength of character, thirst for knowledge, and belief in something bigger than himself.  He held steadfast in the challenge and he soared!  Just as intended, he has grown so very much from the experience.  He put his heart and soul into the process, and through this rite of passage, he has developed into an amazing young man.

Our hearts swell seeing who he has become over the past 13 years and we look so forward to watching all that he will become – I’m sure it will be quite the journey!

Mazel Tov Ethan!

Many thanks to Amy Stern Photography for capturing his special day!