Monday, June 18

Jammin’ With My Daughter

Strawberry season always brings to mind fond memories of helping my Mom make homemade jam.  It is such a vivid and happy memory from my childhood that the thought of the newly-made jam spread on top of warm buttered toast makes my mouth begin to water.  So I was excited that my daughter was eager this year to participate for the first time in the jam-making process.  She quickly cleared the counters, found the empty jars in the pantry, and readied herself to dive right in!  I put her to work cleaning and chopping her favorite fruit while I prepared the hot jars.  We made a great team as we made 2 dozen beautiful jars of the bright red jam.  We had so much fun together and celebrated each and every jar’s “pop” as it sealed tight!!  Later, the whole family enjoyed the freshly-made jam... on top of warm buttered toast.  I can only hope this is a memory for her that will last another lifetime.
jars of homemade strawberry jam

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