Wednesday, July 11

Brace Yourself

We knew the day was coming, but still, my heart began to race wildly when we were told that it was time for our daughter to have an early round of BRACES.  Seems she needs a bit more room in there and so we were told that it's best to do this while her palate is still pliable (like a baby's fontanel).  Well... have I mentioned yet that I was somewhat anxious about the thought of this? Getting braces was something my sister and I faced with some serious trepidation when we were kids, thanks to all those little jokes - you know the ones: "brace face", "metal mouth", "can you really hear a radio station in your mouth?".  Whether harmless or not, they still made the process embarrassing.  And I haven't even begun to address the memory of those regular orthodontic adjustments!  So now, this Mommy and Daddy had to figure out how to take this step with our sweet, shy baby girl.  How would she take the news?  Would she be scared?  Would she be embarrassed to go to school?  Would we lose sight over the next year of her amazing smile because she is mortified of what people will say?  Well, we spun up our most inspired positivity, looked into those sweet baby browns, and delivered the news in our best parental political form.  And, who knew?!  It turned out she was excited at the prospect and wanted her appointment scheduled as soon as possible!  Thankfully, it seems braces are something of a fashion statement in this young generation.  She arrived at her orthodontic appointment filled with giddy anticipation and excitedly chose very fashionable bright blue and green colors for her bands to really show off her new mouth hardware.  When the orthodontist handed her the mirror to see the results, I was so relieved to see her sport a BIG, AMAZING SMILE!  

I can't even begin to tell you just how proud we are of how she handled this milestone with such grace, bravery, and confidence.  And, I am delighted to report that instead of wanting to hide her brace-filled smile (as my sister and I did a generation ago), she enthusiastically shares it with the world, and even giggles with pride every time her big brother tells her that she “LOOKS Sooo CUTE!”.  I have to say that I completely agree.  ☺

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  1. It's the latest DA fashion statement! It is definitely a cool thing now, unlike when I got them in high school! What a cutie!


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