Friday, July 13

"Last Summer on Earth" was First Great Concert

Raleigh Amphitheater
What a fun time together and a great concert with Cracker, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Blues Traveler, and Barenaked Ladies in the outdoor Raleigh Amphitheater!  It was our kids' first official concert and it was awesome!  They have now taken the leap beyond the kid-focused musical events, like Justin Roberts, Roger Day, and My Little Pony Tea Party, into the realm of serious music.  We do a lot of singing of Barenaked Ladies songs together in the car so our kids were VERY excited to see and hear them LIVE (and see that they ARE actually ‘Fully-Clothed Men’ as we like to call them)!!  They didn't disappoint - goofy and funny while totally rocking out some of their classics and new stuff.

It was our first time at the Raleigh Amphitheater and overall the venue was nice.  The weather was perfect for a laid-back outdoor experience and we arrived in time to find our seats and partake in some concert food.  The Pit barbeque sandwich was yummy, but avoid their chewy, reheated fried chicken sandwich.  Not surprisingly, the food prices are expensive (i.e., $8 for a sandwich and $4 for a soft drink).  Our seats were purposely away from the stage where it wouldn't be too loud or too crazy - and they were conveniently near the bathrooms too.  We were in a little 6-seat "box" which worked out perfectly because our seats were movable and we didn't have to hurdle people to get in/out.  During the main set, be prepared to stand in this venue in order to see the stage over all the other folks standing.  Interestingly enough, it actually looked like the cheaper lawn seats had a pretty decent view.  We had given the kids fair warning on the drive there that they may hear some words they should ignore and they may see some adults making poor decisions, but luckily, the crowds were fairly well-behaved so no need for any further explanation.

If the “Last Summer on Earth” tour is coming to a city near you, we highly recommend you check it out!  It was truly a fun night and we loved watching it all through our kids' eyes too!

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