Tuesday, December 4

Forever Young

I just celebrated another birthday (along with the Hubs).  I don't typically think very much about getting older, I guess because I still feel so young in my own mind.  Hmmm, that thought process may be a little flawed...

My 20's were a fun-filled decade of discovery and independence.  My 30's were an exciting decade of life changes and parenthood.  So I just viewed rolling into my 40's as an embarkation on many more adventures to come.  I am now quite settled into my adventurous 40's decade and my oldest is on the brink of being a teenager - yikes!  So this year, I have been feeling a little melancholy about how quickly the years are rolling by, how life has changed over the past 13 years, and how I sometimes long to actually be "cool" again (not just in my mind).

I remember the days of a lighter level of responsibility.  The days of happy hours after a 50+ hour workweek, never eating dinner before 8pm, impromptu BYOB ping-pong tournaments in our basement, staying awake through Letterman, and simply dancing the night away.  In my mind, the dancefloor is still just waiting for me to step onto it with my moves and grooves.  But let's admit, what really happens now is that my grooves translate into sore moves as I tackle the loads of laundry the next day.

Thankfully, my sister helped snap me out of my melancholy mood when she sent me the link to this video.  Man, did it make me smile!  Give it a view - you may just be able to relate too :).

And in my heart you'll always stay, forever young. -Rod Stewart

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